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The Association of Contracting Plumbers of the City of New York, Inc., is a trade association dedicated to the improvement of public health through the proper and adequate installation of sanitary systems. The Association fosters the enactment and enforcement of sanitary laws and regulations for the protection of public health. The Organization encourages the highest standard of ethical practices in the industry and directs its efforts to furthering good relations with the public at large, with trade unions and with all segments of the vast building construction industry. Established in 1881, it is the oldest organization of its kind in the Country. Over the years its members have installed the sanitary systems in the great buildings that have made New York world famous.

The membership roster of this Association is a "Who's Who" of the plumbing industry. Most of the leading contractors in the five boroughs of New York are members. Our members do the vast majority of new construction work in the city as well as substantial amount of industrial work and repair work. Member firms provide employment for several thousand people, including employment of the majority of union journeymen and apprentices of the plumbers local unions of New York.

The Association participates in and supports local, state and national apprenticeship training programs in order to provide a source of qualified craftsmen for and expanding and changing industry. Our Association is recognized as the "Bargaining Agent" for employers in contract negotiations with labor unions and as the "employers' representative" in arbitration proceedings. In addition, we are regarded as the "voice of the industry" in city and state legislative affairs. In "public relations" we have emphasized the importance of the plumber to the public health and the well being of a community.

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